Aladdin 2015

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The amazingly successful 2015 Cople Pantomime of Aladdin led by Julia Moore and Miles Tetley has, as always, received some astonishing press reviews. Miles has compiled just a few of these here Plus the nominees and the winner of the … Continued

Cople Parish Council Website

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Cople Parish Council now have their own web site. This will now contain full details of the council and their documents which includes the Neighbourhod Plan for Cople(under the NEWS & INFORMATION section) and Parish Council Meeting minutes (under the FILES … Continued

Wheels in Motion

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Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC) is providing new transport facilities in Bedford Borough to help over 65s and those with a disability to travel and meet social, recreational or other engagements. More details from, call Amy Baker on 01234 … Continued

Chimney Sweeps

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The Cople web site receives a lot of junk e-mail shots asking me to give them a free mention of their wonderful product. Most go straight into the bin. But I have just had one that makes a little sense … Continued

Stairway to Heaven

Many residents will fondly remember Rev. Christopher Huitson, vicar of Cople in the 1970s-80s. Their son Toby, still no stranger to Cople, has written and had published “Stairway to Heaven”. Subtitled The Functions of Medieval Upper Spaces, the book covers … Continued


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The Cople Players presented their first pantomime at the Cople Village Hall on the 28th/29th March 2014 Produced by Julia Moore and Fran Moore. Script and director was Miles Tetly. It was a brilliant success and enjoyed by all. Proceeds … Continued