Bin Collection Day

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Update 03/11/16:

The council have now delivered letters (at more cost to the rate payer) to tell us that they have changed their minds and all of Cople bins will have the same collection day: Monday. Thus the section of Cople that was to have bins collected on Fridays will be switched to Mondays, from the 7th November. So put your black bin out on the 7th and your green & orange (the letter confusingly says “recycling and orange bins” but this is one of the same, I assume they meant green and orange) on the 14th. Keep alternating accordingly.

There will also be a special, one-off orange bin collection on Friday November 4th (is this just for the “Friday” half?) 

No green bin collections will be made from December 1st, green restarting again March 6th 2017.

Collections due on Mondays December 26th and January 2nd will be collected the day after (27th and 3rd)


01/11/16: There has been some confusion about which day the bins in Cople will be collected.

Starting from Monday 31st October 2016 there is a new cycle of collections. Black and Orange+Green bins will be collected once every two weeks on alternate weeks, black one week, orange+green the next week (note: there will be no green bin collection for 3 months from December 1st to February 28th, orange bins only will be collected every 2 weeks)

The council have published calendars according to your postcode. A different calendar exists for one part of Cople to another.

For instance, Woodlands Close is down for a Friday collection whilst Willington Road is a Monday (see updated info above)

You can check your collection day by typing your postcode into this council web site

Even more peculiar the bins were collected on Monday 31st October in Woodlands Close when the council say it should be a Friday.

I contacted the council to enquire which was the correct day and I was assured by Alex Keelong that it should be Friday for Woodlands Close (see updated info above.) So he is assuming the collecting van had got the wrong street and would also be returning on Friday 4th. He puts this down to initial teething problems. I have no idea what happened on Monday in the rest of Cople but, crossed-fingers, they will now be sticking to the day that appeared in the booklet that was recently delivered to each home and which also matches the day on their web site. As an aside, one does wonder how much of a waste of local rate-payers money is in the some-what shambolic management organisation and how, making two collection runs to different parts of a small village, are cost effective. I guess we have will now have two days a week of seeing a parade of wheelie bins outside our homes.