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Google have moved all our Picasa albums into Google+. Not only has this changed the way photo albums are displayed (I need to list each album separately. I will add back in the links to the older albums in due course) but it has removed the photographer’s details too. If you were the photographer of these images please let me know and I will add it back into this page.

All photographs are copyright of the photographer. We would like to thank everyone who has sent us pictures and allowed them to be displayed here


Album Photographer(s)
Church Fete 2017

Ian Whiting

From all at Team Renhold CopleFest 2016 Cople Music Festival

from All at Team Renhold

Pantomime 2015 – Aladdin Unknown
Barn Dance 2014 Unknown
   Peter Burr Archive Various unknown
Historic Images Various unknown




I welcome any Cople related photos that you care to send me. This includes photos of Cople, both recent and especially the distant past, and Cople events. Please email them to Ian Whiting



23rd October 2012. Although there is no law in England against including children in photographs (with certain obvious and universal restrictions) I have received a complaint via Cople school that some parents do not wish their children to be included in photos on the school web site and wish this to be extended to school functions on the Cople web site.

I have no way of knowing which children to exclude and have no wish to upset any parent. I would like to apologise to anyone who may have been upset seeing their children included on this web site. I have now, sadly, made a blanket decision to no longer include any pictures of children except where they may incidentally appear within a crowd of adults. All albums that were predominantly of children’s events have been removed from the web site as have individual images from other albums.

As always, if anyone has a particular objection to any image on the Cople web site please contact me to consider its removal.

27th February 2016 – Update – Just out of interest, I have never, since the Cople web site started about 16 years ago, had any other complaints of photographs of children appearing on this web site. I have, however, received several complaints about now removing them! However I do realise that, sadly, there are children who need to be “protected” from being recognised from, for example, an estranged or potentially violent partner to the parent. Also these children must not be identified as such. I have no way of knowing whether such protection is required of anyone in Cople. Therefore I will continue the policy of not including pictures of children unless their parent(s) or guardian(s) give permission.