If you are looking for information about the history and families that lived in Cople please click the following link www.coplepast.blogspot.com

From time to time the Cople web site receives requests for information about their ancetsors who may have come from Cople, buildings or other items of Cople history.

With the sender’s permission we will reproduce these here. If you know anything that can help the sender please do send me an email and I will forward it on.

If you are looking for historic information on Cople please drop me an email, and include permission to add it to this page

Some photographs can be found here

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Good News – Cople Parish Registers

Bedfordshire is the first English county for which all the pre-1812 parish registers have been transcribed, indexed and published

Civil registration began in September 1837. To go further back you turn to the Parish Registers. These contain an edited transcript of baptisms, marriages and burials recorded from the date of commencement to 1812.

The Cople records start at 1561

A copy of these records are available for a small cost from the Bedford Borough Council in microfiche, hard copy and book form.

Click here for further information

The Bedford Borough Council Beds and Luton Archive and Records Service telephone number is 01234 228833

DNA Testing

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Barbara Ellen – Guardian

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Please note: this website is not recommending any DNA service as we have no notion as to its quality or reliability. Do your research first.