Who are the Friends of All Saints Church Cople?

What is it they do, and why?

Miles Tetley – June 2018

The members of the Friends of All Saints Church Cople (both the Trustees and the Fund-Raising Committee) often receive comments or questions about our activities. So here we hope to explain what the aims of the charity are and what we do to achieve them.

Now don’t get put off by the next paragraph, please stay with us and try not to drop off to sleep even though it contains a very dry legal statement that defines the purpose of the charity, which can be found on the Charities Commission website:

“The trustees shall stand possessed of the capital and income of the trust fund and of all contributions and subscriptions from time to time received by them for the purposes of the charity as hereinafter mentioned upon trust to apply or cause to be applied the same at such time and in such manner and upon such terms as the trustees shall from time to time in their absolute discretion decide for the preservation, repair, maintenance, restoration, improvement and ornamentation of the fabric of the parish church of All Saints, Cople in the county of Bedfordshire.

If you inhabit the normal world, this is so much gobbledygook, but put into plain English the essential point is, the Trustees of the Charity are responsible for identifying how the monies the charity raises are spent, to maintain the fabric of the All Saints Church in Cople and its detached graveyard.

Note, it is purely the church fabric for which this money can be used. The church council cannot, and would not, call on these funds for its wider, religious responsibilities.

In 2017, for instance, the Trustees provided money for the following items.

Clock Tower £969.60
Bell ringers carpet £250.00
Lead roof theft contribution £1446.46
Contribution to Insurance £1500.00
Update electricals £1569.20

Although the Church has a primary function which is its use as a place of worship, it fulfils a wider role in the Cople community, providing a space for other activities such as the Luncheon Clubs, pantomime rehearsals, along with Weddings and Funerals for all Parishioners, not just church attendees.

On top of this, the Church is an historic building of note, with several unique features and is a Grade I listed asset, which enhances our village, and attracts interest from far afield. The heritage days run by Mike Vacher and colleagues explore these and the history of the building. But even though it is an important monument, it receives no money from central government or any heritage organisation, nor does the Church of England provide funds for maintenance. Which is why the Friends were set up in 2003.

The Friends aims to raise money to fill this gap, by running events for all in the village. Not every event appeals to every individual, but we hope we run a wide enough variety so that people can find something they wish to attend. They are intended as inclusive not exclusive. If we are getting this wrong, we welcome feedback.

Examples of events we have run are:

  • Safari supper
  • Barn Dance
  • Pantomime
  • Themed quiz nights
  • Talks by village residents with food
  • A sports evening against Cardington

We are lucky that we have some people who make regular or one-off donations during the year which helps, so if you would like to make a donation, the bank details are as follows:

Bank:   Lloyds
Sort Code:   309066
Account No:   03064452
Account Name:   “The Friends of All Saints Church Cople”

And if you want to do gift aid, please contact Sally Gilpin, our treasurer on  [email protected]

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If you have further questions, suggestions, want to get involved or just want to discuss anything about the Friends, then here are the trustees and the members of the fund-raising committee.

 Trustees Fund-raising Committee
  Awaiting name (Chair) Jon Bayliss
 Mike Vacher * Ceri Dawson
 Sally Gilpin * (Treasurer) Quentin Dawson
 Catherine Bayliss * Tracy Herrick
 Charlie Porter * Fraser Herrick
 Lynne Sandler (Vicar) * Mary Whitehead
Martin Joynes
Louise Tetley
Miles Tetley
 * Trustees who also participate in the fundraising committee