Private Homes

Please note these are private homes and are not available for rent or sale through these web pages

In addition to modern houses there are many old and attractive cottages in Cople. The pink cottages pictured here were built in 1580.

The Duke of Bedford also had several blocks of houses built for his farm workers in the nineteenth century. Their design is a little unusual. It is said the Duke wished to discourage wives from gossiping with each other from their doorways, so no front door can be seen by its neighbour.

There are some beautiful thatched cottages in Cople, this page shows two in Water End.

At the junction of the main A603, Bedford to Sandy road, where the main Cople turn exists, sits the Toll House. This house was built around 1770 and was used to collect tolls from the road users. This is one of only two toll houses that exist in Bedfordshire.

Cople House, a large manor house, stood in its own grounds near the southern end of the village. The main house was destroyed in a fire in 1971. In 1976 twenty four large homes were built on the site and renamed Woodlands Close. The original coach house (see picture), in which the coach and horses were stabled, survived the fire and has been carefully restored and converted into three homes. Although the clock mechanism was lost the original clock face was restored and can be seen in the centre of the building, above what was once the original gateway for the coach and horses.

Cople 1905 Mark Pendlebury
Northill Rd, 1905
Willington Road C16th century
Willington Rd, circa 1600
Duke of Bedford houses, Northill Rd
Water End Cottage 18th Century
Water End Cottage
Water End Cottage
Toll House, Bedford Road
Toll House, Bedford Road
Coach House, Woodlands Close
Coach House, Woodlands Close