Easier to read

If you have trouble reading the smaller text fonts on these web pages modern browsers let you display the text in a larger font size.

For all popular browsers hold down the CTRL key and press the ‘plus’ (+) key.


If your keyboard has a separate bank of numeric keys the numeric ‘plus’ key can be found to the right of the numeric 9 and 6 key. Keep repeating the above to make the fonts even larger or press CTRL and the numeric ‘minus’ (-) key to reduce the font size again.


If this does not work or you cannot find these keys on your keyboard then look for the browser drop down menu item that does the same thing, e.g. View > Text size and select Increase or Largest


The page layout may become a little fragmented but it will be easier to read.


Remember: this tip works for most web pages, not only the Cople website.