These reports have been supplied by the police, copied and pasted here. One problem I have, the police, as with any such organisation, are keen to publicise information but rarely, if ever, tell us when this information no longer applies. As such links and websites mentioned may no longer exist. I apologise for this and will remove them when I do learn they have permanently gone.

If in doubt, always phone 101 for advice unless it is an emergency for police, fire or ambulance, in which case phone 999.

Please note, the officers’ names, department names, contact addresses and telephone numbers are often changed by these organisations without notice. At any time the details below may go out of date and you may need to search for an alternative, e.g. Google search for “Bedford Police”

101 Non-Emergency Number

101 Non-Emergency Number

Bedfordshire Police have launched a new number providing people with a new way to get in touch about non-emergency issues. 101 is now the main number to call Bedfordshire Police when it is less urgent than 999

As well as making the police more accessible to communities, it is intended that 101 will reduce the number of inappropriate 999 calls. There will be a single flat charge of 15p per call, regardless of the duration, time of day, mobile or landline.

You should call 101 to report crime and other concerns that do not require an emergency response. For example:

  • Stolen cars
  • If you suspect drug dealing/taking
  • To give us information about crime in your area
  • To speak to your Local Policing Team

In an emergency, always call 999 when you need an immediate response, For example:

  • Because a crime is in progress
  • Someone suspected of a crime is nearby
  • When there is danger to life
  • When violence is being used or threatened

101 will not:

  • Change the way in which we respond to non emergency calls
  • Connect people to a large national call centre
  • Result in calls receiving a lower priority than if 999 had been called for a non emergency issue

101 should not be used to report:

  • Fly tipping
  • Noise pollution
  • Stray dogs

These should initially be reported to your local council:

  • Central Bedfordshire Council: 0300 300 8000
  • Luton Borough Council: 01582 546000
  • Bedford Borough Council: 01234 267422


Bedfordshire Police invite you to join the official Bedfordshire Police Facebook site to keep up to date with what is happening across the Force in an informal, quick and easy way.

The site is proving to be a positive tool with which to engage with members of the public, as social networking sites become ever more popular.

Since the site has been live it has already attracted nearly 600 ‘fans’. To date it offers information on a range of topics including public and road safety, the police dogs, police award winners, PCSOs, knife crime, wanted people and officer and cadet recruitment.

Anybody thinking of joining the official Bedfordshire Police Facebook site can expect crime prevention and campaign video clips, links to other sites which may be of interest, contact information, and a discussion forum for the opportunity to share views on current issues, how the site can be improved and anything else the fans want to share.

You can access the site via the force site

or click on the Facebook icon or go direct to and search for Bedfordshire Police.

Crime Map

Crime Map

A national Police Crime Map service was introduced on 1st February 2011

Enter your post code to see crime reports for that area over the past month. It also shows links to the local police and other useful information.



Ringmaster is a computerised crime messaging system run by Bedfordshire Police which offers local residents, Neighbourhood Watch members, businesses, farms, and Bedfordshire Police’s partners, throughout Bedfordshire, details about crime and events in their local area.

  • The service is free to everyone.
  • You don’t need to be involved in Neighbourhood Watch to join Ringmaster.
  • You can receive information via email direct to your computer, view your messages online, or receive messages via phone at a time to suit you.
  • Receive crime reduction advice and help tackle crime in your local area
  • Currently we have 8,000 members of the public and other partner agencies registered on the system.

You can join Ringmaster by applying online at Beds Alert or alternatively you can phone 01234 275288.



SmartWater is a colourless liquid solution that is simply dabbed onto the uneven surfaces of your valuables.

It can be used to code all sorts of items such as jewellery, ornaments, electrical items and even your motor vehicle. Each bottle contains a unique chemical ‘code’ which is registered to you – conclusively proving ownership. It cannot be easily seen by the naked eye and is almost impossible to remove. The liquid glows under ultraviolet light making it easy for the Police to detect.

The Police use it in undercover operations to catch and convict criminals. Criminals know about SmartWater and fear its power to forensically link them with the scene of a crime.

So, by coding your valuables and displaying the SmartWater deterrent signs, you are sending out a powerful warning to any thieves and burglars operating in your area.

Smartwater is available through neighbourhood watch for £20 per pot. That will mark up to 60 items. Just contact the local SNT (see contact details below) for purchases.



NB I’m not sure this “neighbourhood team” is still in operation, further details can be found at:

Cople Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)

Please see the latest contact details on our local policing team page

Cople’s Police Beat Manager is ?

Telephone: 01234 275175 (in an emergency dial 999 or see 101 above)



Defrosting Vehicles

29/11/10 Defrosting Vehicles

This is a Ringmaster message from Bedfordshire Police.

Please pass the details of this message, onto any friends and neighbours.

Vehicles have been reported stolen whilst defrosting

Bedfordshire Police remind vehicle owners to leave sufficient time to stay with the vehicle whilst it is defrosting.

It is an offence to leave a vehicle running with no driver in the front.

Many insurance companies may not pay if the vehicle is left insecure with the keys inside.

Bedfordshire Police ask local residents to be vigilant, and to report anything suspicious immediately.

For more information on reducing crime visit

If you have any information about suspicious incidents, please call the Police Control Centre on (01234) 841212.

Alternatively text your message to (07786) 200011 or email your message to [email protected]

Or call Crime stoppers in confidence on (0800)555111.

Thank you for your support.

Cold Calling

Cold Calling Warning

[2019] Bedfordshire Police have received calls from residents throughout the County, relating to cold callers that lead onto a “distraction Burglary”. The caller may claim to be from the water board, utility company or claiming to be working in partnership with the Police to make offers for free alarm systems.

“If you are unsure, don’t open the door”

Please read the Police Advice web page.

Cold calls have related to the selling of household goods on the door step, and callers claiming to be offering gardening services.

Please remember that Bedfordshire is a No Cold Calling Area. You have the right to say no, and simply close the door.

Please report suspicious callers to the Bogus Callers Hotline on, (08454) 040506 or dial 101

If the caller becomes abusive or refuse to leave contact the Police on 999

Bedfordshire Police offers the following advice.

Never buy goods, or services at the doorstep or over the phone.

If you need work undertaking on your home or garden, obtain written quotes from 3 companies before you proceed.

Ask a friend or neighbour to recommend a company.

Do not pay any money, until you are happy that the work has been completed to a good standard.

Thank you for your support.

Distraction Burglars

09/08/10 Distraction Burglars

This is a Ringmaster message from Bedfordshire Police.

Look Out For Distraction Burglars

Bedfordshire Police are warning elderly people to be on the look out for distraction burglars

PC Ron Callender, investigating, said: “People should be wary of people calling at their homes offered to do work for them at low prices. They should not let strangers into their homes or leave them unattended. If anyone has any information about these burglaries or has suffered a similar theft they can contact me or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Follow this advice to protect yourself against distraction burglaries:

* Always ask for photo identification from service or delivery people before letting them in – if you are worried, ask them to wait outside while you close the door and call their company.
* If someone keeps you talking on the doorstep, be aware of any movement or activity in the rest of the house – before you answer the door, you should check all back doors, patio doors and windows are close and preferably locked.
* Mark all your valuables with your house number and postcode – contact your Crime Reduction Team for more information.
* Never keep a large amount of money in the house – keep in the bank or post office.
* Don’t keep your chequebook and cards in the same place – a thief could use the card to forge your signature on cheques.
* Don’t fall for anything that sounds too good to be true – a free holiday, cash prizes, cures for arthritis or cancer, or low-risk high-return investment schemes.
* Don’t buy goods or services from doorstep callers and NEVER let them into your home.

If you have any information about these crimes or other suspicious incidents or crimes, please call the Police Control Centre on (01234) 841212.

Alternatively text your message to (07786) 200011 or email your message to [email protected]

Thank you for your support.

Vehicle Crime

Vehicle Crime Reduction

Did you know, in a 4 week period, the following has been stolen from vehicles in North and Central Bedfordshire:

Over half the incidents of car crime are “opportunistic”. Vehicles with property on show are more likely to be broken into because thieves will risk setting off an alarm if there is an obvious pay-off. Even a carrier bag or a coat on the back seat is attractive to a thief as it may contain items of value. By the time the thief has realised there is nothing of value, your vehicle has already sustained damage which may be expensive, inconvenient and time consuming to repair. Items with your personal details – such as letters, bank statements, etc – also leave you at risk of identity fraud. In order to assist us in reducing the risk of vehicle crime, we ask that you take these simple steps:

* Never leave the keys in the ignition and store them out of sight when at home.
* Engage the steering lock and activate the alarm. Close the windows/sunroof, and lock the doors and boot. With remote control central locking, ALWAYS double-check you car is secure by testing the door handle
* Only take what you need on your journey – whenever possible, leave personal and valuable items at home.
* If you must take valuable items with you, keep them out of view and take them with you when you leave the vehicle – even if you think you will only be a minute. It only takes a few seconds to break into a car.
* Satnavs are currently being targeted – keep them out of sight (think about property marking them), remove the cradle and wipe away the sucker mark on the windscreen. Consider leaving the glove box open to show there is nothing in it.
* Remember to remove your stereo fascia – this is the best way to make your stereo unattractive to thieves.
* Even small items like loose change and a packet of cigarettes are an incentive to the opportunist thief.
* It’s better to store items in the boot at your point of departure, not the point of arrival – you don’t know who may be watching.

Distraction Alert

16/12/09 Distraction Alert

[ – Bedford – 16/12/09 Distraction Alert]

This is a Ringmaster message from Bedfordshire Police.

If you live near to an elderly, or vulnerable person, please take the time to think about who might be calling at their home.

Two elderly residents in Bedfordshire appear to have been visited by the same man, claiming to be a new neighbour.

The man has called at an address in Luton Road, in Wilstead, at 12:30 today.
He claimed to be the son of a new neighbour and is invited into the house.
Whilst in the house, he has managed to unlock the back door, and keeps the elderly female talking.
It seems that nothing has been taken from the house.

A man with a similar description called at an address, in Clophill Road in Gravenhurst, just after 12:30.
Again he claimed to be a new neighbour, and was allowed into the house.
Property has been taken from the home.

The man is described as a white male in his late teens to early 20s, 5 foot 8 with a slim build, with black hair, wearing a beige top, blue jeans.

We are asking all residents that have elderly neighbours to be on the look out for this man.

We have no details of his vehicle.

It is likely that a second offender may be working with him.

Please take the time to pass on this information in your area, and prevent other vulnerable, or eldery people becoming victims.

Bedfordshire Police are urging resident to become nominated neighbours.

This gives the elderly or vulnerable resident the choice to not answer the door to a stranger, but direct them to a neighbour.

Anyone interested in more information about becoming a nominated neighbour should contact a crime reduction officer

If you have any doubts about a stranger at your door, do not let the person in and dial 9 9 9.

If you have any information about theses crimes or other suspicious incidents or crimes, please call the Police Control Centre

or email your message to [email protected]

Winter Crime

Winter Crime Reduction

[Bedford – 12/12/09 Winter Crime Reduction]

This is a Ringmaster Message from Bedfordshire Police.

Please pass the details of this message onto any friends, and neighbours.

December is a traditionally busy time for most people, but can also offer opportunities for criminals. Here are a few things to take into consideration, which may reduce the likely hood of becoming a victim of crime.

Remove property from view in your vehicle. This includes presents and coats.

Don’t advertise your property. This includes presents left under your Christmas tree, especially if you leave your curtains open.

When shopping, ensure your bag is shut and don’t leave wallets or mobiles in your back pocket where they can be easily targeted.

If you are going away, ask a trusted neighbour to make your house look occupied, by removing mail and newspapers, taking in your bin, opening and closing curtains, and even occasionally parking on your drive. Timer switches linked to lights or radios can also help make your house look occupied.

Secure your outbuildings with good quality locks and hasps. Criminals may consider outbuildings as easy targets, and often use tools found sheds or gardens to break into homes.

Get a copy of the Home Office burglary pack, which contains useful information about securing your property.

You can order your home pack by calling (0800) 4561213 and quoting burglary pack.

Lastly, ensure any suspicious activity is reported to the Police, if a crime is in progress dial 999.

Cold Callers, Surveys and Alarms

Cold-callers, surveys and alarms

Beware of cold-callers offering security surveys and selling alarms.

Ringmaster, the Police information service, has asked that we make residents aware of cold-callers selling security and alarm systems…

Bedfordshire Police have received calls from residents throughout the County, relating to cold callers that lead onto a “distraction Burglary”. The caller may claim to be from the water board, utility company or claiming to be working in partnership with the Police to make offers for free alarm systems.

“If you are unsure, don’t open the door”

Please read the Police Advice web page.

Bedfordshire Police do not endorse any surveys, that are undertaken by private companies, selling home security products. This and other companies may make reference to recent crimes in the area, and will offer to book an appointment, to make a free survey of your home.

Often high pressure sales techniques are used to convince the resident to make an appointment, and then to buy expensive alarm systems, with even more expensive maintenance contracts.

Please do not accept an appointment from any company that, cold calls you, either over the phone, or at the doorstep.

If you wish to purchase Home Security Products, you can approach a number of registered companies through the Trading Standards, Approved Traders scheme. Ensure that you obtain a number of written quotes, and do not pay any money in advance of the work being completed. Also see the OTHER tab on our Information page

Bobby Scheme

Bobby Scheme

The Bobby Scheme is a local charity that provides a free service to over 65s and the vulnerable by improving their home security to reduce crime and the fear of crime. The Bobby men are trained lock fitters and crime prevention advisers who offer advice, reassurance and  fit a range of security devices to make people feel safer in their own home.

The Bobby Scheme has been running since 1997 and has improved or enhanced the security of over 20,000 homes across Bedfordshire. If you would like a visit from the Bobby Scheme or know someone who would benefit please call 01234-842619 or visit our website at

This message is from Lara Curtayne (Crime Reduction Officer, Community Safety, Bedfordshire Police) Oct 2018

Online Security

Online Security

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