Touched By A Presence – Help Wanted

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Ella Jo Street, a novelist, is writing a new, fictional story but based around John Street, a man connected with Cople, who died in 1865. Ella is researching his history and would love to hear from anyone who might be able to throw some historic light on events in this locality around this time. In Ella’s own words…

My novel,’Touched By A Presence’ follows the life of John Street, a Bedfordshire man who died in 1865. Having lived through the Napoleonic Wars and the flowering of the industrial revolution, writing a fiction about John’s lifetime also allows me to explore the social history of Bedfordshire, just before the modern era. The novel spans the years between the 1750s and the 1860s and features villages and towns in East Bedfordshire and across the Hertfordshire border.  

John Street of Langford and Sarah Cambers of Cople were a young couple who married on 25th November 1809 at All Saints in Cople. They were probably surrounded by much of their family and their friends, so Cople would have been very busy that day!

I would love to hear from anyone who could share stories about Cople which could be included in the story or in the reference section, as I see this project also as an opportunity to keep ‘folk history’ alive!

Ella Jo Street, email [email protected]