Internet Connection in Cople

As at February 2016 Cople has a fibre link from the Cardington exchange to the BT (Open Source) control box in Grange Lane near to the Social Club car park entrance. Typically copper lines then run to each house. This allows for moderately fast broadband speeds. In Woodlands Close we can get around 16Mb performance and possibly faster if you pay more. There is no cable TV in Cople so no Virgin fibre options.


Protecting Your Computer

To use a broadband line you must install an anti-virus (AV) program and firewall to stand any chance of avoiding the “malware” that pervades the Internet. You may use the one that was probably supplied by the computer manufacturer or install a different one. you can buy one or use a free version. Purchasing one usually provides more support in the event of a problem. No AV program will give 100% protection, you need to take other precautions too such as backing up your files.

Some AV programs perform better than others. At the moment (February 2016) Bit Defender is top of the charts but these positions change regularly as each AV developer improves their product.

Get Safe Online, see below, provides a lot of good advice.


Keep Up-to-date

All of these security programs and your computer operating system need to be kept up to date. Most will do so automatically, some you need to click the “update” button.


Get Safe Online

The Get Safe Online web site is sponsored by the British government and leading businesses to give you free, objective advice.

This includes how to protect you, your family, your computer, your accounts and your business

Also advice on what to do should something go wrong