Shela Porter

Shela is a writer who moved to Cople in 1995. She has published local interest books for children, a biography and this year her autobiography. Shela’s life has been eventful.


Interesting Stories Wanted

Cople residents…

There are many Cople residents who have a story or two to tell; changes seen over the years, interesting hobbies, TV personalities, careers that have taken them to live in unusual countries or have moved here from abroad.

We know from the “web logs” that pages from this web site are read by many people from around the world. For instance by October 2007 we were getting around 2,000 visitors per month and only 40% of these are from the UK. This count continues to grow month by month.

If you have something that will interest other people from here or around the world and are happy to share some of your story on this web site pleasecontact me.