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They are my cosy friends,
And like they do for me,
I’m there for them if they should need
A chat or company.

However, when I’m with them,
There is no obligation:
The way we feel, our latest news,
Or other information.

Coz words are not important
The best is what’s unsaid.
We’ll be there for each other,
Ever after, none the less.

DOG by S.J.

I watch my human’s every move,
He’s sure to notice and approve
Of my keenness to explore
The pleasures just outside the door.

He gets up, puts the kettle on,
Perhaps the kitchen clock is wrong?
No time for tea, it’s time for ‘me’,
This isn’t how it’s meant to be.

Third day running, I sit and wait,
No leave beyond the garden gate.
Is he on strike? Have I been bad?
I raise a paw: ‘I’m down here, Dad!’


The poor old dog, how’s he to know,
For walks there is no place to go.
The paths and parks are out of bounds,
The fields for now, forbidden ground.

What else could the farmers do,
As this threat around them grew.
To stop this problem getting bigger,
Foot and Mouth: The Livestock Killer.


I’ll bring you gifts
To show I care,
I’ll bring soup on a tray.
I’ll tidy up,
I’ll tuck you in,
I’ll stroke your hair all day.

I’ll plump your cushions,
Read to you,
Do tell me if I’m fussing.
But all I want
Is to distract
From the pain that you are suffering.

I can protect you
From the ills
Happening ‘out there’.
But how to cease your hurting
Leaves me helpless,
In despair.

The day will come
When pain will leave
And with no trace behind.
But ’til that day
I’m here to stay,
My heart to you, assigned.


Times tables and some spelling tests,
Sewing, Country Dance,
Bell rings out for playtime,
Drink my milk, then cooking class.

Dinner served up by the cook,
Ladled semolina,
Brown and powdery stuff on top,
“Eat it all, and off you pop!”

Mumsey dinner ladies
Made sure your plate was clean,
Stewed apple was my greatest fear,
“One more tiny spoonful, dear.”

Swimming pool in summer time,
Mums met up to chat,
Ladybirds to rescue
“Through your legs, I’ll swim: I can do that!”

Christmas time and Santa came,
A party and some presents,
Joseph and Mary (or is it Paul and Kim)?
Smiling over at Dad as they knock at the inn.

This was my favourite schooling,
Of this I have no doubt,
Memories I have from Cople,
I’d hate to be without.

I guess things now are different,
I must accept some change,
But those fondest, memorable moments
For me will never fade.